National Hockey League

Pet Clothing

Ice hockey pet parents walk on water.

Get NHL pet clothing, toys, and treats from Snoot Gear.  Don't miss your shot.


Hockey pet fans have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. 

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NHL Pet Clothing, Toys and Treats

Arizona Coyotes Logo.png

Arizona Coyotes

Anaheim Ducks Logo.png

Anaheim Ducks

Boston Bruins Logo.png

Boston Bruins

Calgary Flames Logo.png

Calgary Flames

Buffalo Sabres Logo.png

Buffalo Sabres

Chicago Blackhawks Logo.png

Chicago Blackhawks

Carolina Hurricanes Logo.png

Carolina Hurricanes

Colorado Avalanche Logo.png

Colorado Avalanche

Dallas Stars Logo.png

Dallas Stars

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo.png

Columbus Blue Jackets

Detroit Red Wings Logo.png

Detroit Red Wings

Florida Panthers

Minnesota Wild Logo.png

Minnesota Wild

Los Angeles Kings Logo.png

Los Angeles Kings

Florida Panthers Logo.png
Montreal Canadiens Logo.png

Montreal Canadians

Nashville Predators Logo.png

Nashville Predators

New York Islanders Logo.png

New York Islanders

New jersey Devils Logo.png

New Jersey Devils

New York Rangers Logo.png

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators Logo.png

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Penguins Logo.png

Pittsburgh Penguins

Philadelphia Flyers Logo.png

Philadelphia Flyers

San Jose Sharks Logo.png

San Jose Sharks

Tampa Bay Lightning Logo.png

Tampa Bay Lightening

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo.png

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks Logo.png

Vancouver Canucks

Winnipeg Jets Logo.png

Winnipeg Jets

Washignton Capitals Logo.png

Washington Captials

Vegas Golden Knights.png

Vegas Golden Knights

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